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MojoMula Money TransferMojoMula Money TransferMojoMula Money Transfer
(Mon - Sunday)
45 Samora Machel, Harare
MojoMula Money TransferMojoMula Money TransferMojoMula Money Transfer

Fast . Easy. Reliable

Sending and Receiving USDs
Will never be the same again!
Its like Magic!!!

MojoMula is here!
you can send and receive money
in US Dollars countrywide.

MojoMula Centre our Home 45
Samora Machel Avenue Harare.

MojoMula Centre our Home 45
Samora Machel Avenue Harare.

Let queues be the thing of the past.

Available at all Money Wave Booths
in all OK Zimbabwe Bon Marche and
OK Mart Stores Countrywide.

Keep Them Happy
From Anywhere In Zimbabwe!

Mojo Mula, The fastest, easy and Realiable Money Transfer Solution
Our Vision

To be the leadingĀ  provider of comprehensive quality money transfer services in Zimbabwe.

Our Mission

We are here to ensure access to quality remittances through provision of easy, fast and reliable money transfer services. We want to improve the lives of our fellow Zimbabweans through effective service as well as promote rational use of financial resources in the community

Our Values

The world is constantly evolving, information is changing and being updated. We commit to continuously expand our knowledge, network and increase our skill sets so that our customers received only the best service.

We will keep our promises and endeavour to conduct our business in a transparent and ethical way.


Our services will be of the highest possible value.

Team work

We offer our staff opportunities to release their creative ideas and offer a greater sense of belonging as well as the importance of individual contributions


Your secrets are safe with us. We promise not to reveal customer information to any third party

Send Money to anyone in Zimbabwe by following these 3 simple steps


Visit any of our partnering supermarkets, that is Ok, Bon Marche or Ok Mart and locate the Mojo Mula Agent instore or visit Mojo Mula Centre and register once only.


Just bring you ID and deposit your money, the receiver will get an SMS notification with details for cash collection.


Receiver will able to proceed to any of our partnering supermarkets to collect the cash. *An identification document will be required

Sending and receiving USDs will never be the same again!!!

Easy > Fast > Reliable

It's like Magic!!! MojoMula It today!

Our Partners

Become an Agent

Be a member of a successful USD Transfer Service Network in your business community and earn high.


Yes you can recall the cash that has not been collected beyond three months from the date of sending.
Sending and receiving money is instant.
Money sent via MojoMula can be collected at all OK Zimbabwe, Bon Marche, OK Mart branches nationwide and MojoMula Centre at Century Towers 45 Samora Machel Avenue, Harare.
You only need your positive identification document to be able to send money (National ID, Driver Licence or Valid Passport)
The minimum amount that one can send is USD10.

The maximum amount that one can send is USD 250 per transaction.

You only need the Message (sms) notification with the reference number and your positive identification document to collect money (National ID, Driver Licence or Valid Passport)

Yes you are able to send or receive money during public holidays and even weekends throughout the year. The business hours have also been designed with your convenience in mind. Outlets are open up to 1900hrs.

Currently you can only send USD cash. However, should you need the beneficiary to receive Rands, they can always utilize the Bureau de Change services to change the USD cash into Rands at all our cash pick up points

Return to MojoMula Money Transfer Booth & submit the correct details of the receiver.

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Our head office address:

MojoMula Center
Century Towers
45 Samora Machel, Harare, Zimbabwe

Call for help:

263 779 550 601

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